Sketch Validation On-line, On Demand

Sketch ValidationSM

We are proud to offer our Sketch Validation module and the many benefits it brings your organization!

Sketch Validation overlays sketches from your CAMA system on aerial photography. Users can rotate and scale sketches to verify against the existing structure on the aerials. From these efforts, parcels can be grouped in to categories customized for your office’s needs: confirmed, demolition, field visit, further review, new construction, etc.

It is our desire to assist assessment offices in gaining efficiencies in their workflows and being proactive. We believe that validating sketches should be an on-going process rather than waiting for the major discovery or reappraisal cycles. Sketch Validation can identify new construction to be added to the roll that otherwise may go undiscovered for several years, identify razed improvements that should no longer be assessed as well as identify an erroneous sketch prior to an appeal being filed. By discovering these issues in the office you will reduce the amount of properties unnecessarily visited, reduce your cost per parcel, recognize new revenue, and increase productivity!

Below are just a few of the benefits of our Sketch Validation:

  • Ability to validate more properties – continue to enforce fair and equitable assessment!
  • Capture audit, review, and field visit details
  • Quick implementation and readily available when needed
  • Results in a geo-referenced sketch layer to utilize in GIS for countless other uses!

We are flexible to meet your needs and offer a variety of options to help you incorporate Sketch Verification in your organization:

  • On-demand – utilize your own staff, reducing costs!
  • Turn-key – we’ll do it for you!
  • Combination of on-demand and turn-key services to accommodate your goals and budget!

Have Sketch Verification available on-demand; have it ready on that rainy day or slow season and get the maximum value out of your time and resources.

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