Instant Picture Upload & Synchronization

Instant PhotoBaseSM

If you've ever been part of a project that required taking a lot of pictures, then you know how daunting the task can be managing and associating them to their corresponding records. Just stop and think about how much time and resources are spent on pictures after they've been taken. Everything from removing and reinserting memory cards from the cameras to a computer, clearing old files from the memory cards, renaming the pictures, and then finally associating them with corresponding records in a database. This all quickly adds up to a lot of wasted time, manpower, and effort; especially if your field agents have to make office visits for anything picture related! With Instant PhotoBase, taking the picture is the only required step. Pictures can then be automatically synchronized with your data-file in real-time, or uploaded at predesignated times, and will always contain location, date, and time information. Outside of the management of the pictures, time and resources can be saved in several other areas as well, and ultimately lead to higher quality project results. Some examples are listed below:

  • Better utilization of office resources
  • Data loss minimized with instant uploads
  • Increased field agent productivity
  • Instant availability for quality control
  • Minimized human error
  • Reduced ad-hoc reports with real-time statistics

As always, this great service is available as one of our all-in-one solutions, whereby we provide all necessary software, hardware, services, and support.

Please use our contact page to receive further details on pricing and how Instant PhotoBase can be bundled with one or more of our other cloud solutions.