MobileAssessor Lite

Street Level Imaging, Address Verification, and more...

with 100% Return On Investment in less than 1 year.

Let MobileAssessor Lite optimize your workflow. Take unlimited photos for your own in-house street level imagery projects, and then repurpose the solution later for other projects like Business Personal Property, Address Verification, Land Bank Inspections, etc. With the easy self-service setup, you can start collecting images and data in 1 – 3 days! And still... this the only solution with Real Time Quality Control and Instant PhotoBase streaming back to your office.


iPad displaying Instant Photobase.

Instant PhotoBase SM

Instant PhotoBase provides automatic picture uploads, synchronization, and parcel association in real-time via the mobile device’s integrated camera.

No more managing and associating pictures to their corresponding record. With Mobile Assessor's Instant PhotoBase, taking the picture is the only required step. Your pictures can then be automatically synchronized with the correct parcel, location, date and time information.

"Instant uploads. Instant quality control. Instant results."

MobileAssessor Lite Demo


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