Mass Appraisal Field App

CAMA Cloud®: MobileAssessor®

CAMA Cloud is a powerful suite of tools that is more intuitive than any mobile CAMA solution on the market. This is in part due to the fact that you determine what is important for your goals and exact interests. We understand that each project is unique and do not subscribe to a "one size fits all" philosophy. After a simple consultation with DCS, we are certain that an appropriate CAMA Cloud solution can be achieved that provides for a much greater return on your investment than the status quo. Some of our patent-pending tools are listed below:

  • Automatic, Dynamic Routing
  • Comparative Property Recall
  • Instant Photo Uploads & Synchronization
  • Live GPS & GIS Mapping
  • Predictive Quality Grade Algorithm
  • Real-Time Central File Updates
  • Real-Time Quality Control Dashboard
  • Touch Screen Sketching
  • 100% Compatibility Across All Data Platforms
  • Mobile Data Collection for Any CAMA System (online and offline)

These are just a few of the ways that CAMA Cloud can offer an immediate advantage over your current method. With years of in-the-field experience, Data Cloud Solutions, LLC understands that the data collector and the IT department hardly ever agree on what is important when considering field production and efficiency. Therefore, we have made our solutions as field friendly as possible and are always willing to make alterations to fit your individual needs.

No matter what CAMA system you have and no matter what ad-hoc applications, processes, or databases utilized for your project, we have a customizable and fully compatible mobile solution that caters to your needs.

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CAMA Cloud®: Desktop ReviewSM

The CAMA Cloud® Desktop Review (DTR) module is designed to assist assessment jurisdictions in locating new or razed structures, verifying existing data, and flagging discrepancies in data quickly and efficiently via split screens across dual monitors. The configurable layout allows remote data reviewers and/or appraisers to visualize all pertinent property data, photos, aerial imagery, and other assets/tools in one integrated and synchronized view – instead of multiple different tabs, user interfaces and system.:

  • Oblique Imagery View
  • Instant PhotoBaseSM
  • Sketch Editor
  • MobileAssessor® Integration
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